"Katherine DeBoer, as Carrie's mother, whacked out of her mind on Old Testament ravings, sings brilliantly. She warps open the pits of her own hell, brandishing a dog-eared Bible as murder weapon."  Scene Magazine

"Katherine DeBoer is truly scary as Carrie’s religiously obsessed, psychologically scarred mother. She makes Bible pounding and fanaticism into an art form"


"Katherine DeBoer is a passionate and disturbing Margaret White. As Carrie’s mom, we see her in extremes – religious fanatic, raving victim, domineering parent. Her electric portrayal makes a rock look like a great mother in comparison to Margaret White. Truly horrifying."


NEXT TO NORMAL - Winner of Scene Magazine's 2013 Best Actress Award  


"Credit DeBoer for a riveting, hypnotic, magnetic performance as the mother, excruciating in it’s honesty, confusion, anger. She’s manic, she’s scared, she’s stoned. The room revolves like a spinning top around her contorted face, her unwavering voice, her astounding physicality. The imploding center of this family, we care deeply about her well-being, we travel her rocky road, we want so badly for her to get better. The rest of the cast, as brilliant as they are:...all outstandingly impressive, are but stars in the firmament around the blazing sun of DeBoer’s tragic figure."


"Katherine DeBoer as Diana is perfect. At times she is sweet and at times hell on wheels. She nails the classic symptoms of her diagnoses. She also has a killer singing voice."

"...the wonderful Katherine DeBoer as Diana...capture[s] the extreme highs and lows that dominate [her] characters' [life], and [does] so with the kind of conviction and verve that holds audience's captive. There are moments during [her] performance -- her "You Don't Know"...for example -- when one fears to blink so as not to risk missing a single moment."



"Katherine DeBoer, almost steals the show every time she’s onstage to mope longingly as Charlotte Malcolm, wife of Desiree’s current lover, Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm. DeBoer’s comic timing is sharp, her face a map of disappointment and cunning."



 "Playing his step-mom Rose, Katherine DeBoer is perfect as this well-intentioned but slightly uptight woman..."   Rave and Pan